UK PM: We Will Not Force Households To Take Energy Efficiency Measures

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Wednesday the government would not force households to take energy efficiency measures as he announced new changes to some of its commitments to tackle climate change.

He said that although the nation will continue to subsidize energy efficiency, it “will never force any household to do it.”

“The proposal to make you change your diet and harm British farmers by taxing meat or to create new taxes to discourage flying or going on holiday — I scrapped those too,” Sunak said at the press conference.

The prime minister also said there would be no ban on new oil and gas drilling in the North Sea that would leave Britain “reliant on expensive imported energy.”

Sunak also reiterated that the aim was to still meet Britain’s international commitments and hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050 despite the raft of changes to previous climate pledges.

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