Man who Rammed People by UK Parliament Guilty of Murder Bid

A driver whose car collided with several people before crashing outside Britain’s Parliament has been convicted of attempted murder.Three people were injured when Salih Khater hit a pedestrian and cyclists before colliding with a security barrier guarded by police. The August 2018 incident came a year after London was hit by several deadly vehicle attacks, including one outside Parliament.Khater, a 30-year-old British citizen originally from Sudan, claimed he was looking for the Sudanese embassy to get a visa, got lost and panicked.
But prosecutor Alison Morgan said it was a “premeditated and deliberate” attack. She said Khater’s reason for the attack was unclear but the choice of target indicated a “terrorist motive.”Jurors at London’s Central Criminal Court on Wednesday found Khater guilty. He will be sentenced in October. 

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