Johnson Says Britain Has ‘Compromise’ Brexit Deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is putting forth what he calls a “compromise” proposal for Britain’s exit from the European Union that includes no checks on or near the Irish border. Speaking to members of his party Wednesday before a scheduled phone call with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Johnson said his government is presenting “constructive and reasonable” plans to the EU. Johnson repeated his pledge to carry out Brexit by an October 31 deadline, and said that while doing so with no divorce terms in place is not the outcome he wants, it is one “for which we are ready.” He said it is important to finalize the departure so that Britain can take back control of its money, border and laws, and that more than three years after the referendum that launched the Brexit process, what people want is “to be calmly and sensibly done with the subject and move on.” “Let’s get Brexit done.  We can, we must and we will,” Johnson said. EU officials have expressed little interest in carrying out further negotiations with Britain after an earlier deal reached after months of talks was rejected three times by the British parliament. 

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