British Opposition Parties Already Rejecting Latest Brexit Deal

European Union leaders are hoping the British Parliament will vote in favor of the latest Brexit deal when it comes before the lawmakers Saturday, but opposition parties are already saying they won’t.Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the EU reached agreement early Thursday, two weeks before Johnson vowed to pull out of the EU, deal or no deal.Johnson called the latest deal “great” for Britain, its people, and the EU.”There is a very good case for MPs across the House of Commons to express the democratic will of the people as we have pledged many times to do and get Brexit done.”European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker holds a news conference at the EU Commission headquarters ahead of an informal meeting of EU leaders, Brussels, Belgium, May 7, 2019.European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker calls it “fair and balanced.”But every major British opposition party has already rejected it as well as Johnson’s allies, Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.The latest deal would keep Northern Ireland as part of the EU single market for goods so they could enter EU member Ireland without going through customs.Parliament has rejected three previous Brexit deals under former Prime Minister Teresa May.Parliament passed a law last month ordering the government to ask for another extension of the Brexit deadline if Saturday’s vote also fails.Juncker says he sees no reason for another postponement, but said the decision is up to EU leaders.

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