Spain Sees Uptick in Spread of COVID Cases, Overnight Deaths

After dropping for straight days, Spain’s health ministry announced Tuesday both the coronavirus daily rate of new infections and the death rate were higher overnight.At news briefing in Madrid, the health ministry’s Dr. Maria Jose Sierra reported the number of new infections grew at a faster pace from Monday, rising 4.1 percent to 140,510 total cases. That number had risen by 3.3 percent on Monday.Sierra also reported deaths spiked from Monday to Tuesday, with 743 new deaths, raising the total toll to 13,798. That compared to 637 deaths from Sunday to Monday.She said Tuesday’s increases may be attributed to delayed reporting from the weekend. The ministry noted the proportional daily increase in cases of 5.7 percent reported Tuesday is still a fraction of the figures reported in mid-March, when the rate of increase was more than 20 percent per day.  Spain’s current total of coronavirus cases is second only to the United States. 

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